Saturday, May 12, 2007

la sfirsit

Yup, still alive.
Been busy as of late due to a conference I was helping with in Albania, but I have returned safely and will do my best to get some posts up about the experience there. While I was gone though, my fellow Volunteers that entered Moldova with me had their close of service contract as yes indeed we have been here for almost 2 years now and most folks will be headed back to the states very soon.
As with any good graduation ceremony there were some superlatives. Mine was read in my absence, but was delivered to my cubby at the office for my perusal.
The consensus here was that it fit me to a T, so I figured I would let the rest of you who have been inflicted with my presence over the years in on the author's creative observations.
And I quote:
Ian Spain - Most likely to---
"Sail around the world while removing his own appendix, building a motherboard out of driftwood, and reforming juvenile delinquents; serving them a 7-course meal made from scratch (lit by candles rendered from the blubber of a whale he harpooned himself) featuring fish he caught with his hands while SCUBA diving. He will then write a how-to manual describing his experiences and translate it into Romanian."

All the best to all of you out there still hanging with me on the blog. I will make no promises as to when my next post will be, but I will do my best to get some pictures up at least. I have about 15 posts in waiting.
Pakah, toate cele bun.....Ian

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Anonymous said...

The description fits... I'm proud of you. D, Omaha