Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ce? Nu poti gasi lucru in America?

Literally translated my title means...What? You can't find work in America?

So yes, as many of you now know, yet my blog has failed to reflect over the past few months is that I am still living and working in Moldova. Still with Peace Corps, still cranking away. Why you ask (everybody else has)? Hopefully to try and open a new "branch/program/sector" of PC Moldova. Sounds kinda lofty in a way, and the more I dig into it, the more I realize that... yup, it is.

While most of the Moldovan's I talk with can't possibly imagine why I would chose to stay here and work for no money...I do actually kind of like it here. Plus it was very exciting to propose an idea and have the higher ups give you the go ahead to run with it and find out what can be done.

Some friends and I noticed that the Information Technology sector is somewhat undeveloped here, especially in rural areas. While there are some NGOs and governments giving away hardware to schools and communities, there aren't many folks out there teaching the recipients of these gifts how to actually use them. I watched this process happen in my village (along with a great many more technical abominations), and decided that perhaps we could do something about it. That and the realization that a lot of volunteers (myself included) were dabbling in technology assistance programs anyway, so why not make it something more formal.

My job, as I have understood it when I signed on, was to do a needs assessment and pilot project for a technology assistance program here in the old RM. Sometime when I have more patience I will outline how things are going so far. For now lets just say it is not what I expected, but there is hope for the future.

Just a quick update now to let folks know that I am still alive and doing well. I have moved into the capitol city, and have a quaint little pad on the outskirts. A flushing toilet and automatic heating are some of the niceties that make it seem like I am no longer a real volunteer. I feel spoiled by having my own kitchen too. (I hosted a small brunch at my place today just to celebrate the fact that such a thing is possible now)

The plan at this point is to head back to the states in early summer of 08 unless something drastic happens (ex: I get appointed ambassador). Hoping to take a month or so off and then head to grad school in the fall. I may end up coming back for interviews sometime this winter, but I haven't heard from anyone yet, so who knows. I will actually, truly, really be updating my blog from now on though, so I will be sure to let everyone know once I decide if/when I will be crossing the pond.

Hope all is well back in the states. I'll try and post something more interesting soon.

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Glad you are back online. The monitoring post in Omaha.